Why is the 3D Ruler such a fantastic tool? I’m happy to explain!


First, a few terms:


Optical feedback- When you use your eyes to measure something, you’re comparing a line on a ruler or tape measure with your object- a blade, a bit, a board, etc. Most of us can see reliably down to about 1/32”, which we call Resolution, and sometimes Tolerance. This is also known as optical comparison, because (in this case) you’re comparing a line to an object.


1/32” tolerance might be OK for most applications, but in cabinetmaking, joinery, molding, and other fine woodworking operations, you want to dial in your dimensions as precisely as possible. There are many tools out there that can help you with that precision, but the 3D Ruler’s unique design allows for versatility, repeatability, and durability unmatched in its price range!


Tactile feedback- Tactile means “sense of touch”. Using your fingertips to measure something is a different experience than optical feedback, with much finer results. Your fingertips can easily feel the edge of a single sheet of paper on a desk. Paper is about .004”, or 1/256”. This resolution is 30 times finer than optical feedback, and it’s the heart of 3D Ruler’s unique versatility. When you compare one surface with another there is no question whether they are flush with each other, and you can develop sensitivity down to a thousandth of an inch!


Of the 80+ different functions the 3D Ruler provides, about half use your sense of touch to give you fast, accurate results you cannot achieve with your eyes alone. From the beginner to the expert woodworker, using the 3D Ruler for setup and QC operations will quickly become second nature. Much like learning to play guitar, for example, you will get the concept right away, learn some basics, and with practice start to make some real art!

I welcome and appreciate any and all feedback. I've been in cabinetmaking and remodeling for over 45 years now, and I still learn new things all the time. Feel free to contact me with suggestions or stories, even project photos!